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EcoAdvocate Seminars

In 2013, Preserve Rural Orange launched EcoAdvocate seminars, a series of professional training sessions for environmental leaders and grassroots activists. The project advances environmental protection efforts, offering participants a unique set of skills to create compelling campaigns and convey key information to the media, public and decision-makers on complex issues, policies and decisions. The seminar series was developed as a pilot program for North Carolina environmental leaders with funding by a grant from the Park Foundation.

To inquire about planning EcoAdvocate interdisciplinary seminars for your organization, contact PRO at:  

“Great tips on making a reporter’s job easier….Very focused, relevant and detail oriented. This
training is more important than ever as the media contracts and citizens and advocates need to
create their own media.”

-Brian Buzby, Executive Director, North Carolina Conservation Network, one of 20 environmental groups represented at the Investigative Reporting Seminar on November 29th, 2012.

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