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To look at the University of North Carolina's public records, commissioned airport studies and maps,
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Site H Map
Site 9 Map

Orange County Land Use Map



in Bingham Township

Community members, along with Preserve Rural Orange Research and Steering Committee members, are gathering information on the $27 million expansion of  UNC’s animal research facility, the Research Resource Facility (also called “The Farm”) at 1907 Orange Chapel Clover Garden Road. 

Below are links to information about the project.

    Phase III funding of $8.6 million for the  facility was approved in the same July 2008 NC Senate Bill 1925 that created the airport authority.  The approximately 50 acre property sits directly adjacent to  the southwest end of Site H.  The university has owned and run the  facility for decades to raise lab animals for research. There are already dogs on site and there will be pigs as well in the new buildings.

    There is a new animal waste lagoon, with plans to treat up to 10,000 gallons of waste per day and spray with 800 spray heads into the woods above a tributary which runs into Collins Creek.  There is also a human waste lagoon which has been expanded and an incinerator with a record of emissions including mercury and  propylene oxide.  The facility is planning to use 1000 gallons per day of  well water.

    We are contacting federal, state and university officials as well as environmental groups to learn more about the facility, and to raise awareness of its current and potential impact which most of us were unaware of  until now.  If you have any additional information or would like to join in our efforts, contact us at: 
(from FPC UNC web page listed below)
"The  University has a master plan for the development of the Research Resource Facility, which will accommodate several species of animals in multiple buildings. The site for the facility is located in Orange County and site plan approval from the county has been obtained. The University now wants to implement the master plan in phases. Coordinate the development of site infrastructure elements such as water supply and sewage disposal, fencing, security and roads, as well as roughly a dozen buildings planned to be constructed in a number of phases."
Click here for the UNC 2006 environmental assessment of the proposed facility expansion (16MB document), and here for comments by state agencies on the assessment.

Click here for files with architectural and engineering specs.

Click here for information from UNC Facilities Planning and Construction on the Research Resource Facility Waste and Waste Water.

Click here for the UNC “planroom”  facilities inventory of all UNC structures.  If you scroll down the left  “Facility ID” column to #328, there are nine structures listed, including 328XX001, an incinerator, and there are additional structures listed further down the list.

Click here for the NC DENR Division of Air Quality 2006 report that cites nitrogen oxide, mercury, and propylene oxide emissions, and you can select different calendar years between 1993 and 2006 for each year’s report.

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