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Preserve Rural Orange is dedicated to protecting the environment and public health. Based in Orange County, North Carolina, PRO engages decision-makers, environmental leaders and thousands of citizens in grassroots campaigns and educational forums, We advocate for accountability, transparency, and sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to projects that would have devastating impacts on land, farms and rural communities. And we do our homework, with thorough research and a commitment to making public information available in time to make a difference.

Join PRO and support efforts to keep our beautiful communities green, clean and healthy for generations to come.

© Jesse Kalisher

© Jesse Kalisher

Proposed UNC Airport (yellow), runway (red line) & existing Animal Research Facility (red) in southwest Orange County, North Carolina.

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UNC Journalism professor Ryan Thornburg on why journalists are like teenagers, and online media resources for sharing your story.
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Cartographer Tim Stallmann on cool maps, games, helium balloons for aerial photos, and GIS resources.
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100 citizens turn out for NC DWQ hearing, resulting in better monitoring and oversight to protect water and public health.
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