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EcoAdvocate Seminars

“Great tips on making a reporter’s job easier….Very focused, relevant and detail oriented. This training is more important than ever as the media contracts and citizens and advocates need to
create their own media.”

-Brian Buzby, Executive Director, North Carolina Conservation Network, one of 20 environmental groups represented at the Investigative Reporting Seminar.

Images courtesy Tim Stallmann

Preserve Rural Orange EcoAdvocate seminars
offer professional training for environmental leaders and grassroots activists. The project advances environmental protection efforts, offering participants a unique set of skills to create compelling campaigns and convey key information to the media, public and decision-makers on complex issues, policies and decisions. 

With generous funding by a Park Foundation grant, EcoAdvocate seminars launched with a series of interdisciplinary workshops to expand the expertise and resources and strategies of North Carolina environmental leaders. 

Special thanks to the following:
  • The Park Foundation - grant funding
  • Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy - meeting space
  • Jack Pless - video production

To inquire about planning EcoAdvocate interdisciplinary seminars for your organization, contact PRO at:  

Click on links for video

Investigative Reporting

Lisa Sorg, Independent Weekly

Ryan Thornburg, UNC Hussman School of Journalism & Media

Sue Sturgis, Institute for Southern Studies

Accessing Public Records

Amanda Martin, Stevens Martin Vaughn & Tadych; NC Press Association

Steve Riley, News & Observer

Derb S. Carter, Jr., Southern Environmental Law Center

Presenting Environmental Data

Allan Parnell, Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities 

Ana Duncan Pardo, Toxic Free NC

Tim Stallmann, Counter Cartographies Collective

Compelling Campaigns for the Environment

David Caldwell, RENA Community Center

Todd Miller, North Carolina Coastal Federation
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