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Waste Transfer Station
Bingham Township and Millhouse Road communities are spared

December 7, 2009--Orange County Manager Frank Clifton recommended, and county commissioners voted tonight to formalize an arrangement to send solid waste to the City of Durham's Transfer Station for 3 to 5 years, and to consider waste-disposal options including regional solutions and other possible collaborations. 

    The meeting was packed with county residents, and after the county manager's recommendation there were many impassioned public comments mostly in opposition to the other two options, the Paydarfar site off Millhouse Road and the Howell property on Highway 54 in Bingham Township.  Before commissioners made their decision, BOCC Chair Valerie Foushee expressed gratitude to citizens for input throughout the site selection process.

Commissioner Barry Jacobs made the following motion:
  1. Proceed with an agreement with assurances about reducing waste and promoting recycling
  2. Amend the current inter-local agreement and get the best possible rate for the county and towns
  3. Re-engage towns
  4. Direct county staff and solid waste advisory board to engage in a public process to seek cost-effective alternatives, with a framework beginning no sooner than September 2010
  5. No additional funds will be spent on consultants unless county commissioners direct staff to do so
        Mike Nelson added a friendly amendment to exclude sites in the Rogers/Eubanks/Millhouse community from future consideration.  The motion passed 6-1 with Steve Yuhasz voting against it.  He commented that he didn't want to take anything off the table.

        For more than a year our community has done an excellent job staying informed and engaged in this issue, which came directly on the heels of the proposed UNC airport last year.  Thank you to community members and supporters, and to local churches and businesses who continue to help spread the word about meetings and news affecting rural residents.  Thanks to all of your efforts our watershed land, farms and woodlands will be spared for now from becoming an industrial corridor.  More to come on protecting Bingham Township from damaging development in the future.

        I'd also like to acknowledge Orange County staff and officials who throughout the past year shared their expertise, responded thoughtfully to our questions and comments, and fulfilled requests for public documents promptly.  While the issue of how Orange County will dispose of its waste long-term is not resolved, tonight's decision sets us on a more sustainable and positive course for Bingham Township and for the county at large.

-Laura Streitfeld


Questions remain about the proposed
NC Highway 54 Bingham Township site:

•    Costs to county and towns
•    Environmental impacts

•    Driving routes & disposal location
•    Future plans for proposed site
•    Consultant’s conflict of interest
A detailed list of significant information that was not disclosed regarding the NC Highway 54 site, cited in  
PRO's letter to Orange County commissioners.
Preserve Rural Orange opposes a waste transfer station in Bingham Township
that would irrevocably transform a rural and agricultural community into an industrial zone.  Given environmental impacts and costs to taxpayers, county and towns, Bingham Township sites should be removed from consideration for a transfer station. 

Site visit to Greensboro Transfer Station


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Attachment One: EIO and FONSI

Book Two: Attachments Two and Three

Attachment Five: EA & EIS

Attachment Seven: Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Jurisdictional Determination

Map of Wetlands/Army Corps of Engineers

Bradshaw Quarry Convenience Center Closure

Agenda with attached documents [Item 6.a]

BOCC August 18, 2009 meeting document:

Bradshaw Quarry Road Solid Waste Convenience Center closure; usage and costs

Transfer Station Site Search Follow-up Report

Attachments to report:

     "Information" on WTS website home page 

     BOCC 4/21/09 agenda, item 6.a

Site 056 1981 Soil Test

Transfer Haul & Disposal Evaluation March 31, 2009
Olver Inc. transfer station consultant

Olver Inc. memo to county March 27, 2009:
Transfer/Haul/Disposal alternatives evaluation

Transfer Station Hauling and Disposal Analysis
Olver Inc. transfer station consultant

County land swap proposal to OWASA March 12 2009

OWASA response to land swap proposal
March 12 2009

OWASA Letter to Orange County January 23 2009: OWASA reaffirms property not for sale

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