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Preserve Rural Orange is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, established in 2009 to protect land, farms and public health in Orange County, North Carolina. Offering timely public education on potential impacts of development, PRO has been influential in shaping policy and promoting constructive community dialogue. 

Leading a series of successful grassroots public campaigns to stop detrimental development of rural land, we have limited the long-term impacts of proposed plans for a UNC airport, county waste transfer station, expanded UNC animal research campus, and commercial event centers. To ensure a transparent and accountable review process, we research and raise key questions about plans and permits, compliance, financial interests, and secondary and cumulative impacts. 

A valued resource for citizens, businesses, nonprofits and government leaders, we also provide consulting services to community groups on organizing strategies.

Through timely news updates and accessible public records, we reach thousands of community members and bring citizens to the table for informed, proactive involvement in public policy.

Our work is strengthened by ongoing partnership and collaboration with local residents and community organizations. We are grateful for a wealth of expertise shared with us by scientists, health care leaders, scholars, researchers, public officials, journalists, and land use, environmental, and legal experts.


To preserve, strengthen and defend the viability of the rural community of watershed land, farms and woodlands in Orange County, North Carolina.


Laura Streitfeld, Executive Director

Laura Streitfeld
is a policy and communications strategist with broad experience developing innovative campaigns to engage and empower communities. Her passion for thorough research
and compelling communications for the public
good have contributed to positive outcomes for environmental, educational, arts and cultural  organizations in North Carolina and New England. 

Robin Gallagher, Chair
Sandra Beeman, Treasurer
Patricia Fullagar, Secretary
Laura Streitfeld, ex officio

Contact PRO's Board of Directors:

David Marion
Suzanne Nelson
Mitch Renkow
Mike Teer

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